Student Activities

Hip-hop dancing during a Baltimore Dance Crew Project session

Sisters Academy offers student events and field trips throughout the year to complement the academic curriculum, to enhance the learning experience, and to simply have fun! Some of these activities are recurring while others change from year to year.

Student Blessing and Investiture
This is the first school-wide event of the academic year. The 5th grade is officially welcomed into the school at a ceremony where the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders deliver greetings through song, dance, and speech. Each 5th grader receives a stole, specifically made for that class, from the President. The stole is worn at special events during the time the student attends Sisters Academy and becomes hers to keep on her graduation day fours year later. The ceremony concludes with a blessing from the Principal.

Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center
One of the first outside events is a trip for all students to Genesee Valley in the fall. The natural settings of the farms and forests provide wonderful opportunities for learning and growth. Students explore the outdoors and challenge themselves to realize their own potentials. Through cooperation and trust activities, the girls discover what they can accomplish by working together.

8th Grade Retreat Day
The eighth graders spend a day of reflection offsite before their graduation in June. Venues have included the Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville and Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore.

Baltimore Dance Crews Project
Sisters Academy was one of ten schools that received a free hip-hop dance workshop facilitated by the Baltimore Dance Crews Project (BDCP) for their Dancers’ Day of Service. BDCP, a city-wide dance program, uses hip-hop to bring teachers and students together. Since introduction to the program, Sisters Academy entered into a partnership with BDCP, and students received weekly instruction by a choreographer. The climax of the program was a performance at BDCP’s annual Dance Slam hosted at Notre Dame of Maryland University. The program was so thoroughly enjoyable that Sisters Academy plans to continue this student activity again this year.

Track and Field Day at Centennial Park
This activity is for everyone in the school – students, faculty, and staff. Each May since the beginning of the school, Moira and John Monk (scholarship sponsors) have rented a pavilion at Centennial Park in Howard County, Maryland and have organized a banner day of field activities, crafts, sports, and food. They corral a wonderful group of volunteers who organize the activities and provide all of the nourishments. The girls thoroughly enjoy having fun in the sun.